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About Nurpur

The historical city of Nurpur which once was ruled by the Pathania clan of Tomara Rajputs, today forms part of Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India. The city is a municipal council and is home to number of temples. The city that came into existence around 11th century today is known for its vibrant culture and lifestyle.

History of Nurpur

Nurpur was earlier ruled by the Pathania family of Tomara Rajputs around 11th century. At that time, Pathankot (earlier called Paithan) served as the capital for the Nurpur but now is a part of Punjab State. This city has an extensive historical account as it has been an important part of Rajputs’ Kingdom and has many temples and places which can be explored whenever visiting the city.

About Nurpur
Remains of Nurpur Fort

The city of Nurpur came into existence in around 11th century and was founded by Raja Jhet Pal, the younger sibling of ruler of Delhi. But the city came into limelight by 15th century during the reign of Raja Basu, from 1580 to 1613, who built an impressive fort that can still be seen today. At that time the region was known as Dhameri but changed later after the trip of Begum Nur Jehan, who was the great Mughal Ruler Nuruddin Salim Jahangir’s better half during his reign from 1569-1627. It was said in the historical accounts that Rani Nur Jehan was so much impressesd by exquisiteness and prosperity of Nurpur that she became determined to live all her life at this city. Then, this assertion of Rani troubled the city’s government as during those days the Mughal Kingdom was increasing its empire all over India and the representatives of this city was not wishful to make Nurpur the chief part of Mughal Rule and to be inclined by outside Mughal Rulers. Thus, to save their town from the hands of Mughal Rule and without hurting Queen’s feelings, these leaders came up with a plan. According to the idea, they simply recommended the Rani that she should leave this city as living here for her all life could harm her flawless prettiness because there is an ailment (untrue or made up) prevalent in the city which can affect her. And this frightened Rani Nur Jehan and she hastily gone from Nurpur. Thus during the year 1622, the city was given the name Nurpur for showing their respect to Rani Nur Jehan who admired the town for its splendor and magnificence. Earlier than 1947, this town was under the rule of Pathania family of Rajputs and served as a significant province at that time. These Pathania Family (Tomar or Tanwar Family of Chandravanshi Rajputs) were the Kings of this place for around 800 years.

Geography of Nurpur

Situated between the mesmerizing Shivalik Range of Himalayas, Nurpur experiences temperate climate contrary to the cold valleys of Himalayas but then also attracts thousands of tourists almost all around the year to this place. During summers, the town experiences very hot climate as temperature rises making the locals face scorching heat of sun, Monsoon gets here for a few months and the rainfall helps a lot in lowering temperature. Ideal time to explore Nurpur and Pathankot is surely during winters i.e from November to March.

Tourist Destinations in Nurpur

Nurpur is mainly visited for the historical Nurpur Fort which was constructed Pathania Kings in around 10th century and is a place of high archaeological importance. Thus the Fort, even though ruined but still is a must visit for archaeological enthusiasts. After seeing the Nurpur Fort, one must visit the two remarkable temples, i.e. Nagni Mata Temple which is just 6 km away on Pathankot/Kullu Highway and Brij Raj Swami Temple which is actually located in the historical Nurpur Fort and is an ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna built in 16th century. Below to assist you in getting the most of this town in your trip, we have gathered some important facts and information about these two temples as well as the other nearby must see places of Nurpur.

Brij Raj Swamy Temple

Profile of Nurpur
Brij Raj Swamy Temple

The Brij Raj Temple is located within the Nurpur Fort and is devoted to Lord Shri Krishna, who is worshipped by the inhabitants of Nurpur as well as the travelers who come to visit this temple. The unique fact about this temple is that it is the one and only temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Meera and their idols are worshipped by the local people. The story related to this temple is that the Lord Krishna’s idol was worshipped and revered by Meera and once Raja of Nurpur visited Chittorgarh and he received the idol as a present from Chittorgarh’s Raja and he also fetched a Moulsary plant, which is a fruit bearing plant, but it is said that it dried out while the Raja was returning to Nurpur but it was bring into its green state by Puja and reciting mantras. Presently, this has grown into a big tree and it gives flowers but there is no fruit that grow on it not like those plants that are grown in Rajasthan. Also, inside the fort there are many beautiful paintings telling the entire tale of this historical fort.

Mata Nagni Temple, Nurpur

Located just 6km from the town specifically on Pathankot/Kullu Highway, the Mata Nagni Temple is unique in a way as water flows beneath this temple wherever Nagni Mata’s idol is located. It is a miraculous temple as those who get bitten by snake mainly visit Naagni Mata, drink the flowing water and put the mitti or soil from here and miraculously get healed from their ailment. Flowing water from beneath this temple is well adequate and many water mills and units are also set up for the work of grinding the grain.

Apart from these must visit sites of Nurpur, this place is also known for the manufacture silk and has numerous showrooms that attract visitors for their varieties of Silk. The nearby tourist sites to Nurpur is Dharamsala, which a well known hill station of Himachal Pradesh and is located just one hour away from Nurpur and have also hosted several IPL matches. Dhauladhar Range can be sited from this city having a wide range of snow capped mountains and Dalhousie, a popular hill station too, is just three hours from here. Thus, Nurpur is an incredible packaged city located between Shivalik Range of Himalayas, offering many remarkable tourist sites like Nurpur Fort, Mata Nagni Temple, etc. and what more is that it is just one or two hours away from the popular and tourist’s favorite Hill Stations like, Dharamsala and Dalhousie.

Hotels in Nurpur

Nurpur is visited mostly by those who come to explore the nearby hill station of Kangra, Dharamsala, Dalhousie, etc. and thus has some four hotels situated in the heart of the town providing all the services to the tourists at affordable price. These hotels provide comfortable rooms with AC, Wi-Fi and 24 hours room services and some have the pre-booking service on their websites. Also, the hotels here are available with the restaurant facility, thus providing the delicious delicacies of Himachal Pradesh as well. The administration is also planning to extend the number of hotels in Nurpur in the upcoming years. So, here we have came with the complete details of hotels in Nurpur and is quoted below.

Jyoti Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Vpo Kandwal, Tehsil Nurpur District Kangra, Dharamshala Road, Nurpur, Kangra – 176202
Contact: + (91)-9805270006, + (91)-9816670831, + (91)-1893-238666

Jyoti Hotel
Address: Mandi Pathankot Road, Nurpur, Kangra - 176202, Near Chakki Bridge, Kandwal

Hotel Shah Balaji
Address: Pathankot Dharmashala Highway, Nh-20, Nurpur, Kangra - 176202, Near Balaji Chowk, Jassur Chowk
Contact: + (91)-1893-226045

Shan Hotel
Address: Shan Hotel, Kandwal, Nurpur, Kangra - 176202, Kangra
Contact: + (91)-9888005207

Hotel Mao Fort
Address: Nh-20, Jassur, Kangra - 176201, Raja Ka Bagh, Near Nurpur
Contact: + (91)-1893-226423, 226830

Safety and Security in Nurpur

The local police station of Nurpur always watches over the town and maintains a strict law and order in Nurpur. The police officials are disciplined and strict in their approach and are credential for the lowering crime rates in Nurpur and nowadays only non serious and pitiful nature of crimes happen every day here. The police station also maintains security in the tourist places of the city so that every traveler feel safe and secure while venturing outside.

Nurpur Police Station
Address: Mandi-Pathankot Rd, Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh 176202

Healthcare Services in Nurpur

Hospitals in Nurpur

Nurpur has various government and private hospitals ready to serve the ailing patients. They can tackle any health related issues. This makes the health infrastructure of the town very self sufficient for the inhabitants here. Most of these hospitals remain available 24/7 for the residents and even provide late night services without any monetary issues. The administration of Nurpur has been efficient in constructing these hospitals and is also planning to build some more hospitals in the city in future. Below we have listed all the possible hospitals in Nurpur.

Sub Divisional Hospital
Address: Nurpur, Kangra - 176202
Contact: + (91)-9418154555

Civil Hospital
Address: SH 28, Chowgan Bazar, Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh 176202

Saxena Hospital
Address: Jassur, Himachal Pradesh 176201
Contact: 0189 322 6622

Surya Hospital
Address: Jassur Dhameta Road Raja Ka Talab, Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh 176051
Contact: 088945 28888

Naman Hospital
Address: SH 28, Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh 176202

Transportation in Nurpur

Nurpur town is very well connected to the other cities by all major means of transports. Firstly for international as well as domestic travelers, the nearest airport to Nurpur is Gaggal Airport which is located in the Kangra district and its air base is linked to all the main towns of India like, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Jammu. The closest railway junction is that of Pathankot Railway station, that is 90 km away from the district Kangra. There are also many bus alternatives for those who are coming from the nearby cities of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab as buses are available from towns like, Dharmashala,Palampur, Pathankot, Jammu, Amritsar and Chandigarh

Hence, this is the historical city of Nurpur has all to entertain visiting tourists. All you need to plan a day and date to get glimpses of this famous city of Himachal Pradesh.

Nurpur at a glance

Country : India
State : Himachal Pradesh
District : Kangra
Elevation : 643 m (2,110 ft)
Population (2005)
• Total : 9,066(17th)
• Official: Hindi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

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