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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nurpur Pincode / Post Office Search (KANGRA, Himachal Pradesh)

Agahar B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Attarah B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Aundh B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Baduhi B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bahadpur B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Balakh B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Baleer B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Baranda B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Basa Baziran B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Basantpur B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bhadroya B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bhadwar S.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bhaleta B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bhojpur B.O 176402NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Bhugnara B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Chaloh B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Chhanni B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Chowki B.O 176203NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Dah B.O 176402NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Dainkwan B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Danni B.O 176203NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Diana B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Fatu Ka Bag B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gadrana B.O 176022NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gahin Lagore B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gandwal B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Geora B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gheta B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gurchal B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Gurial B.O 176051NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Hadal Uparli B.O 176211NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Hatli B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Hatli Jamwala B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Jassur S.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Khail B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Khanni B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Khawara B.O 176211NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kherian B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Khushi Nagar B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kopra B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kot Palahari B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kothandal B.O 176022NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kotla Mangwal B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kukher B.O 176211NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kural B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Kuther B.O 176225NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Ladori S.O 176203NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Lathial B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Lodhwan B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Mand Manjwan B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Minjhgram B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Nagni B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Nangal B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Niazpur S.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Nurpur S.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Olehrian B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Panjhara B.O 176051NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Paral B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Raja Ka Bagh B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Raja Khasa B.O 176402NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Rappar B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Rehan S.O 176022NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Riali B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Rit Lower B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Sadwan B.O 176202NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Saliali S.O 176211NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Sourhra Mohhala B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Surajpur B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Tatwali B.O 176058NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Thakurdwara B.O 176403NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Thore B.O 176201NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Tika Dagla B.O 176204NurpurHimachal Pradesh
Tika Nagrota B.O 176200NurpurHimachal Pradesh